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Do You Know How to Reduce Belly Fat By Food in Just a Month

Feeling frustrated because your belly fat won’t budge, even though you’ve tried everything? Well, guess what? Some sneaky habits might be getting in the way. You’re doing great with exercising and eating healthy, but let’s take a closer look at the simple things that might need a change. After reading this, are you thinking about How to reduce belly fat by food? then YES it’s true you can lose weight in just a month by following the right mealtime habits.

Let’s have a look at some facts to follow Before, After, and During having main meals to reduce belly fat.


Enjoy Fresh Raw Food Before Your Meal:

Raw Food- Dr. Vibha Ojas

Nourish your body with raw goodness before each meal: Start your day with fruits, nuts, and seeds; enjoy raw veggies like carrots, radishes, and cucumbers before lunch and dinner.

This habit does wonders: it not only helps manage meal sizes, but it also boosts the gut bacteria that promote digestion.

A healthy gut means better nutrient absorption and less discomfort like bloating and gas.

Cooked food often lacks essential nutrients, unlike the abundant vitamins in raw meals, like salads, which can also enhance your immune system.

Keep up this routine and watch your body naturally desire smaller portions, a key step towards shedding belly fat.

Staying Hydrated:

Stay Hydrate: Vibha Ojas

Don’t forget: Hydrate by drinking water 30-60 minutes before eating—skip it during or after. Opt for warm or regular water, which helps clear out harmful bacteria from your system. With our busy lives, this habit also doubles as a water intake reminder.

Whether it’s regular water or a dash of ginger, both work. Ginger water’s a bonus for creating an alkaline setting, curbing acidity. Staying hydrated before eating is crucial. This practice also aids in preventing overeating, which supports reducing belly fat.

Practice Prayer and Gratitude:

Pray while eating: vibha ojas

Appreciate the food before you. Remember when school taught us to pray before eating? So how can you forget this habit? Let’s revive that habit. It’s not only about being thankful but also about inviting positive spiritual energy.


Wo Kehte Hai Na ” Jaisa Ann, Vaisa Mann”

Yes, the energy we take in while eating or drinking can have a real impact on how we feel. It impacts our thoughts and even our lives as well!

Directing this positive vibe towards our food can prevent us from overly nitpicking about excess salt or minor imperfections. Expressing gratitude before a meal shifts your focus to eating, priming your body for digestion by boosting saliva production.

I assure you that praying before a meal will help in good digestion and bring a positive outlook to your lifestyle.


Enjoy your meal sitting on the floor:

For one meal each day, try dining while seated on the floor. Eating in a cross-legged position can support your appetite and promote healthy stomach muscle activity.

Seating oneself on the floor (Sukhasana) during meals is an ancient practice that’s been overlooked in modern times.

Sitting on the floor while eating is believed to create a grounding sensation. Beyond relaxation, it enhances both blood circulation and posture.

The act of getting up and sitting down also contributes to weight loss by engaging your body in movements.

Slow Down While Chewing

Chewing slowly comes with many benefits, including better digestion and easier weight loss. People with belly discomfort often tend to eat quickly or swallow large bites, which can lead to bloating. This happens because their digestion doesn’t work as well, making it hard for their bodies to get all the good stuff from the food they eat.

“Chewing slowly allows your food to mix well with saliva, making digestion work better.”

It’s a simple habit that can really help reduce belly fat – just take your time and chew your food slowly.

Ditch the Devices During Meals:

Avid gadgets while eating: Dr. Vibha

Do you watch TV or use your phone during meals? It’s a common but unhelpful habit.

Using gadgets during meals disconnects you from your food. Eating should be more than just filling up – it should be a mindful experience.

Remember these two things when you eat: how much and how long. Gadgets distract you, leading to overeating.

To truly connect with your food, skip the gadgets. Focus on your meal and build a healthier relationship with what you eat.


Avoid Drinking Water Right After a Meal

Refrain from consuming water immediately after a meal, as it can disrupt digestion by diluting digestive enzymes. It’s advisable to wait around 30 minutes before drinking water.

Consider substituting water with lemon or ajwain-infused water occasionally. This can enhance digestion and counteract acidity.

By adopting this straightforward practice, you can combat acidity, enhance digestion, and consequently contribute to reducing belly fat.

Get Active:

Should you go for a walk or engage in movement after eating? Absolutely! Engaging in light physical activity, such as a leisurely stroll, following your main meal greatly assists your body in its digestion process.

Alternatively, consider adopting the Vajrasana yoga pose for 10-15 minutes immediately after eating (avoid if you have knee issues). This practice can lead to improved digestion and reduced bloating. By either moving around or assuming the Vajrasana pose, you’re taking proactive steps towards reducing belly fat.


It’s a common tendency to crave something sweet after eating, but this can be a significant misstep. Consuming refined sugar in the form of baked goods or sugary treats can hinder your efforts to trim your body or belly fat.

Instead of reaching for processed sugary options, consider replacing them with a blend of natural jaggery and fennel seeds (‘saunf’), which can be just as satisfying. To manage those post-meal sugar cravings, embrace a well-rounded diet that doesn’t exclude any food group. Focus on getting enough essential nutrients and staying adequately hydrated.


Now that you’re aware of the key to healthy eating, remember that incorporating minor adjustments into your eating routine can offer a simple and efficient approach to shedding belly fat.

For optimal outcomes, it’s essential to maintain a consistent exercise routine, practice balanced eating, manage stress, and prioritize restful sleep. In essence, both your diet and lifestyle play pivotal roles in addressing various goals, whether it’s weight maintenance or belly fat reduction. If you are looking for a health consultation then feel free to reach anytime! 📞

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