Dr. Vibha

Best Weight Loss Consultant in Tricity

Weight Loss Consultant in Tricity – A dietician is a licensed health care practitioner with an extensive understanding of food patterns in order to improve people’s lives and eating habits. They have a lot of health and dietary experience. There are many dietitians in Chandigarh, but if you want the Best Dietitian in Chandigarh, who can help you break your harmful habits and make you feel more energetic and cheerful, we recommend that you use our service.

Dr. Vibha is a well-known weight-loss consultant in Tricity district who provides the greatest health advice and guidance. A dietitian’s major responsibility is to establish comprehensive diet plans for individuals as well as to provide essential counseling on dietary adjustments. She also owns and operates the well-known Ojas Fitness Clinic & Spa in the city, as well as providing online counseling to the public. If you need additional inspiration in your life to overcome any body-related issues, you can reach out to her. Call +91-98553-07453 or email drvibhabaawa@gmail.com for further information.

About Dietitians/Nutritionists

A dietitian is a professional who specializes in dietetics and has extensive knowledge of health and nutrition. They are qualified health specialists who deal with particular nutritional issues. They are not doctors, but they are in charge of helping people improve their health by changing their unhealthy lifestyle choices. Dietitians are not required to see only sick individuals, but they are frequently consulted by people who want to keep healthy and free of illness. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Main Roles Of A Dietitian

The roles and responsibilities of a nutritionist vary. A dietitian’s responsibilities include the following:

  • A dietitian’s primary responsibility in a clinic environment is to identify and assess patients’ nutritional issues.
  • Creating diet regimens and making changes to people’s current eating habits.
  • In a community setting, promoting and improving the public’s health.
  • Developing prevention techniques for chronic diseases.
  • Individuals, organizations, and businesses are working together to provide dietary recommendations for healthy living.
  • Developing relationships with pharmaceutical businesses to do research and promote food and nutritional goods in a business setting.
  • At all stages of education, you can teach nutrition or food chemistry to a variety of students.

Demand for Weight Loss Consultant in Tricity

Indians’ eating habits are not healthy, according to the National Family Health Survey. Fried food is consumed by 10% of them on a daily basis and 36% on a weekly basis. Indians have been connected to heart disease due to a lack of fruits and vegetables.

Many individuals prefer Chandigarh to other cities. This city is primarily made up of people from the employee class, with a significant number of working-class families. In the same way, people in Chandigarh are more worried about their health and desire to live long and healthy lives. Furthermore, speaking with the best nutritionist in Chandigarh will assist you in achieving all of your health and fitness goals.

In their daily life, everyone wants to be free of diseases and illnesses. Some people neglect their health, resulting in a variety of ailments. Because of their hectic lifestyles, many in big cities do not prioritize their health. For them to be healthy, they must follow the dietary recommendations and health advice of a licensed dietitian or nutritionist.

Why Dr. Vibha is the Best Weight Loss Consultant in Tricity?

Dr. Vibha is one of Chandigarh’s top dietitians and nutritionists. Dr. Vibha is a highly qualified healthcare practitioner with over ten years of experience in the Nutrition Solution Industry.